Maria da Conceicao Silva

Historical education and religion: Brazilian and Portuguese perspectives

The research investigates the historical awareness of students on the subject of religions taught in History classes. It is an epistemological investigation in the line of Historical Education, which can encourage the innovation of the teaching of the history of Religion (of religions) and, above all reflect the discipline of History with its specificities. In order to do so, it seeks to identify how the narratives of school children produce expectations of continuity, or rupture (past, present and future). The central focus is to analyze the didactic proposal on the theme of Religion, presented in didactic (material) texts, observing how it is taught and what is taught about Religion (religions) to the young people of elementary and middle public schools of the Central West region of Goiás, and in the Minho region of Portugal. It is also intended to contribute to a better social insertion of the educated youth and to the training and qualification of human resources (research teachers) to work in Basic Education.


Organization and preservation of the documentation of Frei Simão from the “City of Goiás” (Cidade de Goiás)

The organization of the documentation will allow users to access the information and research, since the collection is made up of historical documentation that has awakened the immediate values of proof and testimony, adding to its historical cultural value.