Fracesco Guerra

Droysen, Meinecke and the Power State (Machtstaat)

It is a reflection on the prussianism of Johann Gustav Droysen, with a special attention to his historical-political works, in order to show his connection with concepts such as Caesarism, Bonapartism and especially Power State (Machtstaat). From the analysis of the main political concepts adopted by the Pomeranian professor, the research will investigate the main political works of Friedrich Meinecke, proposing a comparison between the different perspectives on Prussianism offered by Droysen and Meinecke, as well as on the power state ( Machtstaat) and power politics (Machtpolitik) in the light of the experience of National Socialism. In particular, this part of the project will be devoted to investigating the validity of the relationship, created by Meinecke, between the Wilhelminian era and the Nazi period. Finally, the antinomy between Bismarck's Germany, a state whose objective was the power, and the German territory of Goethe, characterized by his aspiration to the spirit, shows a linearity of analysis, which does not seem to find evidence at the historiographical level.