Carlo Patti

The origins of the Brazilian nuclear program, cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany and the implications for the International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime (1952-1955)

This research will analyze the origins of the Brazilian atomic program and its international relevance, to understand the origins of the Brazilian position in the international nuclear nonproliferation regime. Special attention will be given to the negotiation and implementation process of nuclear cooperation agreements between Brazil, a country rich in atomic ores, the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany, countries with industrial, scientific and technological knowledge and resources. Between 1952 and 1955, Brazil tried, through international collaboration, mainly German, to become a country included in the field of nuclear energy. Internal and external factors, however, determined the failure of this project. The present study, which is part of the literature on the Brazilian position in the global nuclear order, has the purpose of clarifying, through the consultation of unpublished documentation, a little-known phase of the evolution of the nuclear non-proliferation regime. To do so, documentary sources of Brazilian, US, and German archives will be analyzed, in addition to the consultation of interview collections of oral history. In dealing with the origins of the Brazilian position within the regime of nuclear non-proliferation, this project contributes to the advancement in one of the main debates in the field of Brazilian Foreign Policy History.



Between North and South: Brazilian position in the negotiations on the international economic order between 1973 and 1981

Inserter in a rich bibliography about the attempt to reform the international economic system in the 1970s, this research project main objective is to explain the Brazilian position in the international economic negotiations between 1973 and 1981. Special emphasis will be reserved to the contribution of Brazilian diplomacy during 1974-1981 in the context of the so-called "North-South Dialogue", which includes the long Conference on International Economic Cooperation, which took place in Paris between 1974 and 1977, as well as the Cancun Conference