Maria Elizia Borges

Funerary Art in Brazil

The study on the artistic development of works installed in Brazilian cemeteries held during the period of the First Republic. It seeks to document and analyze such works in order to understand their artistic and historiographic significance. It then raises the production process of architects, sculptors, artisan artists, and anonymous masons linked to the vernacular and popular erudite art. The methodological procedure is based on field research and existing support literature on Cemetery History, Cultural History and History of Brazilian Artistic Heritage.


Images of death: funerary art in Brazil

From the perspective of Art History, Cultural History, Visual History and Death History, we seek to deepen our understanding of the role of death and the space of the dead in the 20th and 21st centuries. It deals with the study of specific artifacts such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and digital records that enable the recognition of all the modern and contemporary death ritual. It is a field and bibliographical research, aimed at the recognition of the images and the perception of it as a process of construction of historical knowledge.