Yussef Daibert Salomão de Campos

The tension between memory and history in the state constitution of Goiás, Brazil: the cultural patrimony as an area of conflict

With the cultural patrimony as object of study, the work presents an analysis of articles of the state constitution of Goiás, which dated from 1989, as elements that strengthen law as a producer of Imagined Communities, as determined by Anderson (2008), and as enunciated by the text of Constitutional Amendment n.46, from 09-09-2010, which misses an opportunity to effectively transform the constitutional text of the state of Goiás. The research approach begins with an analysis focused on the experience of what happened during the National Constituent Assembly (1987-88), which has been the theme of the proponent doctoral thesis, and how this was reflected in the texts in the state ambit. With the aim of addressing issues such as the recognition of marginalized cultural expressions, such as native indigenous and African-Brazilian, together with the (non)recognition of the possession and property of settlements and quilombos, the project aims to highlight similarities between the federal and state constitutions