Jiani Fernando Langaro

History, Memory and City: Cultures, life trajectories and struggles for rights in Contemporary Brazil

The project aims to reflect on the context of the crisis of the military dictatorship, of redemocratization and of the installation of the new republic in Brazil, from the study of the case of the city of Toledo-PR, with emphasis on the investigation of rural-urban displacement, the formation of new peripheral neighborhoods, the daily life and ways of living and working of their populations, as well as social movements and struggles for rights in the city, between 1970 and 2010. We know, however, that these processes were not only carried out in Toledo-PR, since this city integrates the broader context of contemporary Brazilian society. Thus, we also intend, with the help of the research projects of advised students, to correlate the researched reality with those of other cities in the country, in order to problematize common urban experiences in the period.