Ana Lúcia Oliveira Vilela

Poetics of Silencing: Experiences and Stays in the Language of Latin American Dictatorships

This research project aims at traumatic experiences of interdiction to language elaborated and expressed in contemporary and extemporaneous artistic production and official propaganda material, in the context of Latin American dictatorships. Art and propaganda constitute the two corpora on which the study will focus. We will consider, as an initial hypothesis, that part of the art produced in periods of exception carries the mark of these regimes not only in the representations it produces, but in the very (un)articulation of artistic languages. In the case of propaganda, the aim is not to study the representations of power but rather the place of the failure of discourse, the moment in which the discourse of power recalculates, taking the form of a failed act or symptom, and unconsciously exposes a possible truth about its constitution. As it is possible to notice from the expressions "elaboration" "trauma" and "symptom", this study is based on psychoanalysis as a way of accessing the production/interdiction of meaning both in art and propaganda.