For an Epistemological Historiography: practices, categories and epistemic virtues

Description: This research project aims to investigate the distinctive features of a certain "historiographic style" that bring together authors from different national traditions, such as Georges Canguilhem and Lorraine Daston, and who, more recently, have begun to attract historians interested in the so-called "history of historiography". Based on the intellectual history of this approach, we will seek to present and discuss the theoretical and methodological possibilities opened by this "epistemological historiography", especially for investigations on Brazilian historiography.


Khronos: History of Science, Epistemology and Medicine

Description: From the joint efforts of the Interunit Center for the History of Science of USP (CHC) and the Institute for Advanced Studies of USP (IEA), this group will investigate, from a historical and epistemological point of view, the scientific knowledge produced at the University of São Paulo (USP), notably by health sciences and related areas.