Heloisa Selma Fernandes Capel

Invisible Dialogues: Culture and Society in the Utopian Poetics of Modesto Brocos y Gomez (1852-1936)

From a cultural perspective, the project aims to identify the imagistic and textual production that constitutes the thinking of the Spanish painter living in Brazil Modesto Brocos y Gomes (1852-1936). Through multiple cleavages between thought and the utopian genre, between the society of the late nineteenth century and the representations of the painter, it aims to investigate forms and cultural motives that act in the absence of the author, while at the same time they dialogue with interests and positions assumed in the text and in the reception of their artistic expressions.


Myth and performance: interfaces in the formation of a history teacher

This research investigates the uses of mythic narrative and scenic performance in teacher training. Like dramaturgical transpositions of symbols, mythical narratives favor discussions about the craft of historicizing and representing the past. Myths allow us to discuss historical epistemology in its discursive and interpretative strategies. Associated with autobiographies, such as narrative and self-narrative exercises, myths can also be means of (self) formation. Align with the functions of the myth, the scenic performance that dynamizes the process of understanding mythical contents and their appropriation in different historical periods. Based on these principles, this project investigates the experience of myth and performance among teachers in training.