João Alberto da Costa Pinto

For an Institutional History of the Political Practices of the Isebian intelligentsia (1955-1964)

Description: Elaboration of an institutional history of the Superior Institute of Brazilian Studies (ISEB) through the intellectual political path of Nelson Werneck Sodré, Roland Corbisier, Álvaro Vieira Pinto, Guerreiro Ramos, Hélio Jaguaribe, Carlos Estevam Martins and Wanderley Guilherme dos Santos. The Institute was the main cenacle of the national-developmental intelligentsia during its existence (1955-1964). It was violently destroyed by the Military Dictatorship still in April 1964, as it was violently attacked in the 1960s and 1970s by the ideological matrix of São Paulo's academic structuralism (USP and consorts). With the purpose of rescuing this historicity from the institution's path, I mobilize research with systematic study of its repercussion in the pages of the Rio de Janeiro’s and São Paulo’s press, in the pages of the main nationalist left magazines (including the pecebista – communist party), such as the Brasiliense magazine and the Social Studies magazine, besides the description and analysis of the debate provoked by the isebian publications and the debate of the legacy with the São Paulo’s academic historiography (USP and interpretations of Caio Navarro de Toledo and Maria Sýlvia de Carvalho Franco among others that followed). The research is methodologically put into perspective by the work of João Bernardo and Lucien Goldmann.