Roberto Abdala Júnior

History in the Brazilian cinema in the second half of the 20th century

The research intends to analyze contemporary Brazilian audiovisual production, observing how the social representations participated in the construction of the works, especially with regard to historical aspects. In this first moment of the research, the focus of the analysis will turn to cinematic discourse films, which deal with elements of reality belonging to more popular segments, privileging representations related to three social agents that were within the framework of the most intense political disputes during the dictatorship: the military; the militants of the left; the social movements. The central question that will guide the investigation is: how cinema gave voice to the disputes engendered within the Brazilian society, particularly those related to the most popular segments.


The voice of the crowd in the Brazilian media: Directas Já! campaign, the coup of mercy in the dictatorship

The research intends to investigate how the campaign for direct elections for president, Directas Já!, of 1984, had repercussions in the political process of transition from the dictatorship to democracy. The focus of the analysis will be the role played by the Brazilian media in the political process that ends the dictatorship.